Institute for Dutch Lexicology

Institute for Dutch Lexicology – INL

The Institute for Dutch Lexicology (INL) is a research institute financially supported by the governments of the Netherlands and (Flemish) Belgium. Its mission is to document the vocabulary and grammar of present-day and historical Dutch by creating, maintaining and improving the accessibility of language resources like dictionaries, corpora, computational lexica, thesauri. There are approximately 50 employees working at the INL, divided over five departments. The work on tranScriptorium will be carried out by the Language Database Department and the IT department. The Language Database Department has a long-standing experience in building corpora and lexica. Its major research project is the Integrated Language Database of the Dutch Language from the 6th 21st century, consisting of three major components containing corpora, dictionaries and computational lexica. The IT department has extensive experience in the development of linguistic and lexicographical retrieval applications and linguistic processing and enrichment of language resources. The staff of IT currently consists of 5 computational linguists, 6 software engineers, 4 system administrators and 1 project manager. INL has a central position in the management of Dutch language resources and technology. The INL has participated in the EC funded projects PAROLE, SIMPLE, TELRI, ENABLER, ELAN and IMPACT. The INL is a member of the CLARIN common languages resource infrastructure network and functions as a CLARIN center. Through the HLT-Agency, INL has ample experience in acquisition, management, and maintenance of linguistic resources and tools, and making these available supported by a service desk. In the IMPACT project INL played an important role in coordinating the work on the development and deployment of language resources. INL has ample experience with applied language technology and the development, distribution and maintenance of language resources. In the European context, it is relevant that INL is a CLARIN center.

Contact person: Katrien Depuydt