University London Computer Centre

University London Computer Centre – ULCC

The University of London’s Computer Centre (ULCC) has been a major supplier of IT services in UK Higher Education, particularly in the London area, since 1968. ULCC’s Research Technologies Group (formerly Digital Archives & Repositories Department) has worked extensively on local, national and international digital preservation and cultural heritage projects since 1997. Partners and clients have included the National Archives (UK), the British Library, the European Library/Europeana, the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), the Digital Curation Centre (DCC); academic institutions including King’s College London, University College London and Cornell University. ULCC is a full member of the Digital Preservation Coalition, and has participated in the EU-sponsored activities of ERPANET and DLM-Forum. Digitisation of cultural resources and digital preservation are strong themes in the work of the department. Staff participate extensively and pro-actively in national and international forums on digital archives, preservation and repositories. ULCC is also currently a partner in the FP7 BlogForever project. As well as developing the infrastructure for the Transcribe Bentham project of University College, London, ULCC’s team has developed or advised on digital preservation  projects including digitisation of student newspapers (Imperial College), the parliamentary archives of the UK House of Lords and House of Commons, and the digitised collections of 18th Century botanical specimens of Carl Linnaeus, for the Linnean Society of London.

Contact person: Richard Davis