University of Innsbruck

University of Innsbruck – UIBK

The Department of German Language and Literature Studies (UIBK) was founded 150 years ago and
comprises currently more than 40 researchers from the language and literature domain. Since the mid  1990ies UIBK was involved in several projects respectively has set initiatives on the development of digital humanities services. Already in 1998 an FP5 project was launched that dealt with the digitisation of newspaper articles, their indexing via a multilingual thesaurus and their presentation in the Internet in a collaborative manner. The focus of the department are digital editions of handwritten manuscripts, web-archiving projects for digital magazines and websites of writers (DILIMAG) as well as the development of software tools for the structural annotation of printed material. This software is currently under review. The department also hosts the Austrian literature online digital library with documents from the 11th to the 21st century. Currently the department is involved in several research projects, among them IMPACT (FP7 2008-2012), PrestoPrime (FP7 2009-2012), and Europeana Newspapers (ICT-PSP 2012-2015) which are all dealing with issues that are of importance for the tranScriptorium project.

Contact Person: Günter Mühlberger