Hattem collection

Hattem manuscripts is a Dutch document of late medieval manuscripts belonging to the “Artes
Liberales” literature, which were mostly written in the cursive style. Most texts belong to the 15th century and belong to the medical domain. These documents are of great interest for the history of science, language and literature alike, and their transcription will be all the more valuable as only a relatively small number of documents of this type have been made available to the public. The greater part of this kind of literature still remains to be edited.

One of the selected text manuscripts is the C5 Hattem Manuscript with 572 leaves. Apart from a small number of Latin and French documents, most of the texts are in Middle Dutch. The contents are very heterogeneous. There is a prose translation of the Secretum Secretorum (a Latin translation of an Arabic encyclopedia on government, health, astrology and alchemy), and a Dutch treatise on the plague, which is ascribed to the pope. The subject matter of the Dutch language treatises includes phlebotomy, surgery and uroscopy. There is an extensive treatment of herbalism, various recipes for medicinal potions, oils and unctions, alchemist procedures, and a specialised treatise on precious metal alloys.