Plantas collection

Historia de las Plantas is a manuscript written by Bernardo Cienfuegos, who was one of the most outstanding Spanish botanists in the 17th century. Historia de las Plantas manuscript is conserved at the Biblioteca Nacional de España (a digital extract of the manuscript is available at Biblioteca Digital Hispánica).

Historia de las Plantas attempts to synthesise the botanical knowledge along the history. It is written in Spanish, it is well documented and details of great scientific interest can be found in this book.

The manuscript has 7 volumes with different number of pages each one, but just the first volume is currently being processed. This volume has over 1000 pages, and it includes drawings of plants, some in colour and others in black and white.

Historia de las Plantas contains a large number of Latin names of the species and other non-Latin terms: Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Valencian, Catalan, French, German, English, Flemish, Polish, Bohemian and Hun.

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